Three Members in the National XC Champs 2013

Three Members in the National XC Champs 2013

Overnight Snow Accounts for Heavy & Wet Conditions for the English XC Championships at Herrington Country Park near Sunderland

A brief report here of the Men’s 12K including 1 large lap and 2 smaller laps was the last event in the meeting of 10 races. Local member, James Bailey and David Campbell from London were running their first event whilst Peter Simpson was competing in his 13th and was at the venue in 2007 when it was last held here. All three members met before the start with David and Peter traveling together thanks to David who drove from London, picking up Peter at Milton Keynes.

There was a lot of surface water around in the communal areas so our feet soon got wet before the start. The first 200-300 metres of the course were still largely covered with snow otherwise the heavy, wet conditions underfoot were relentless, very deep for stretches. We had to work hard to avoid getting stuck in the mud, loosing our shoes or falling over. James soon led VRUK otherwise David was 2nd member for most of the race until about 10.5K when Peter overtook and remained to the finish.  The mud continued to accumulate around our legs, not helping the further into the race. Peter has been suffering from a toe injury but the numbness caused by the conditions meant there was little circulation in the feet and at the finish did not notice the injury until the relevant foot warmed up again.

James ran very well first time and was not wearing off-road shoes. The official results state:

James Bailey,  1.03.02,  803 / 1085
Peter Simpson (V50),  1.04.03,  840th 
David Campbell (V50),  1.06.20,  900th

The winner finished in 41 minutes and lapped us alongwith 10-15 other elite runners. Being a championship race the quality of the competitors  was high but still many runners at a similar standard to ourselves.

Photos by Peter Simpson before and after the Men’s race plus the start of the Womens 8K race.

Start of the Women’s 8K race

Early into the women’s race

David & James shortly after our meet-up

Peter & James waiting until closer to the men’s race before changing

The VRUK team ready to run and venture into the unknown

James back after the event with energy to spare

James’ muddied legs

Peter mud splattered head to foot

Close-up – mud or spots

How do we clean-up without showers?