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Vegan Runners UK has a growing network of local groups around the UK, which get together for runs and social events. Many of our groups meet regularly and some have qualified run leaders who organise training.  If you are interested in setting up a group in your area, contact us or post in the Facebook groups listed below.

Vegan Runners UK is organised in 8 regions, each of which has a Region Representative who is a member of the club committee. You can contact your Region Representative via our Contact Us page.

Details of our local groups are provided below.  Please join the groups near you using the links provided or contact the Committee member who represents your area.

Whatever you level of ability you will be most welcome and will never get left behind but if you don’t feel ready to join your local group just yet, you might be interested in our beginners’ section.

  • Scotland

  • Northern Ireland

  • North West England

  • North East England (includes Yorkshire and Humber)

  • Wales

  • The Midlands

  • East England

  • Greater London

  • South East England

  • South West England

  • The Channel Islands


Region Representative: Alex Hinchcliffe
Vegan Runners Scotland facebook group

Dundee group – Volunteer needed
Vegan Runners UK – Dundee facebook group

Edinburgh group – contact Alex Hinchcliffe
Vegan Runners UK Edinburgh facebook group

Glasgow group – contact Debbie Kessell
Vegan Runners UK – Glasgow facebook group

Inverness group – contact Craig Wallace
Vegan Runners Inverness facebook group

Northern Ireland

Region Representative: Post Currently Vacant
Northern Ireland Vegan Runners facebook group

North West England

Region representative: Paresh Patel

Birkenhead and Wirral  – Volunteer needed
Birkenhead and Wirral facebook group

Blackpool – contact Tibor Febland
Blackpool facebook group

Bolton – contact Paresh Patel
Bolton facebook group

Chester group – Volunteer needed
Chester Vegan Runners UK facebook group.

Cumbria group – contact Ryan Dempsey
Vegan Runners UK Cumbria facebook group.
Cumbria Vegan Runners organise runs followed by a meal at least once a month.  We try to circulate our meet-ups around the county. Our runs are mainly off-road.  We cater for all abilities and have at least two options for every run: usually about 3 miles and 10 miles. Some of our members also meet up for long days out on the fells

Liverpool group – contact Jay Johnson
Liverpool UK Vegan Runners facebook group.
Liverpool Vegan Runners organise weekly runs, along with frequent meet ups at local events and parkruns.

Manchester group – contact AJ Watson (North) or Michelle Flower (South)
Manchester Vegan Runners facebook group.
Manchester Vegan Runners meet for social runs, training and races. Training on Tuesdays and alternate between Sale Water Park, Heaton Park and Salford Quays. Monthly meet-up is on the 1st Saturday of every month at South Manchester parkrun at Platt Fields Park.

St Helens – contact Mike Kay
St Helens facebook group

Southport – contact James Taylor or Jackie Gilbert
Southport facebook group

Thameside – contact Jo Edgerton
Thameside facebook group

Warrington – contact Stella Reynolds
Warrington facebook group

Wigan – contact Andrew Farrell
Wigan facebook group

North East England

Region Representative: Kerri Turner

Durham group – contact Sarah-Jane Tinkler
Vegan Runners Durham facebook group

Halifax, West Yorkshire group – contact Lisa Mieszkowska
Vegan Runners – Halifax, West Yorkshire facebook group

Huddersfield group – contact Louise Galvin or Claire Collett
Huddersfield Vegan Runners Riders and Ramblers facebook group

Hull group – contact Amanda Robinson
Hull Vegan Runners facebook group

Leeds group – contact Katie Bedford or Lesley Connors
Vegan Runners UK Leeds facebook group
Leeds Vegan Runners meet at parkruns in the area on the second and fourth Saturday of each month.

Newcastle group – contact Kerri Turner or Holly White
Vegan Runners UK Newcastle facebook group
Newcastle area Vegan Runners regularly meet for races, runs and food.

Sheffield group – contact Kelly Slade
Sheffield Vegan Runners facebook group.
Sheffield Vegan Runners meet at one of the parkruns in the area on the first Saturday of each month.

Teesside group – contact Chris Dempsey
Vegan Runners Teesside facebook group.

York group – contact Dave Nicholson
Vegan Runners UK – York facebook group.

Yorkshire coast group – contact Tracy Guild (Filey)
Email tracy_guild at hotmail dot com


Region Representative: Post Currently Vacant

Aberystwyth and mid-Wales group– contact Volunteer needed
Vegan Runners UK Aberystwyth and mid-Wales facebook group.

Cardiff and south-east Wales group – contact Caroline Nightingale or Kelly Langford
Cardiff and SE Wales Vegan Runners facebook group.

Swansea and south-west Wales group – contact Volunteer Needed (Swansea)
Swansea and Southwest Wales Vegan Runners facebook group

The Midlands

Region Representative: Clare Burdell

West Midlands

Birmingham group – contact Ursula Houston
Birmingham Vegan Runners facebook group

Black Country group – contact Joanne Mary
Black Country Vegan Runners facebook group

Herefordshire group– contact Lesley Ashton
Herefordshire Vegan Runners Facebook group
Herefordshire Vegan Runners meet at Hereford Parkrun on 3rd Saturday of each month. Details of 5km/10km runs and some of the local events are posted on the Facebook group.

Malvern group – contact Paul Millsom
Malvern Vegan Runners facebook group

Stoke On Trent – contact Rob Eardley or Ryan Procter
Stoke on Trent facebook group

Warwickshire group – contact Andrea Wolstenholme
Warwickshire Vegan Runners facebook group

Worcester group– contact Hannah Hughes
Worcester Vegan Runners facebook group
Worcester Vegan Runners meet at Worcester Woods or Worcester Pitchcroft Parkrun on 1st Saturday of each month. Details via their facebook group. Social 5K runs are held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 6:30pm starting on the main city bridge outside the Premier Inn. Other running events, socials etc are organised via the facebook group.

East Midlands

Derby group – contact Ady Clarke
Derby Vegan Runners facebook group.

Leicester group – contact Yasmin Inglis (Market Harborough)
Leicester Vegan Runners facebook group.

Lincoln group – contact Ady Clarke
Lincoln Vegan Runners facebook group.

North Northants and Rutland group – contact Paul Jones
North Northants and Rutland Runners facebook group

Nottingham group – contact Clare Burdell
Nottingham Vegan Runners facebook group

Mansfield group – contact Rachael Chadwick
Mansfield Vegan Runners facebook group

Scunthorpe group – contact Jayne Eaton
Scunthorpe Vegan Runners facebook group

Walsall group – contact Mark Whiteley
Walsall Vegan Runners facebook group

East England

Region Representatives: James Porter

Essex group – contact Sue Savva
Essex Vegan Runners UK facebook group

Hertfordshire group – contact Verna Burgess
Hertfordshire Vegan Runners facebook group.

North Northants & Rutland group – contact Paul Jones
North Northants & Rutland Vegan Runners facebook group.

Norfolk group – contact Nina Nickerson (Lowestoft)
Norfolk Vegan Runners facebook group.
The Norfolk group meets on the 2nd Saturday of every month at one of the parkruns in the Norwich area. Come and join us!

Suffolk group  – contact Nigel Barnes
Suffolk Vegan Runners facebook group.

Cambridge group – contact Carrie Webb
Cambridge Vegan Runners facebook group

Northampton, Milton Keynes & Bedford group – contact Peter Simpson (Milton Keynes)
Northampton, Milton Keynes & Bedford Vegan Runners facebook group
The group meets at the local parkruns and some of the annual events.

Greater London

Region Representative: Lina Ambruleviciute

London group
Vegan Runners UK London Facebook group
Vegan Runners UK – London Strava group

Weekly events include Wednesday evening 10KM at 18:30pm, meeting outside National Theatre and Thursday evening track sessions at Parliament Hill Athletics Track at 18:30pm. Both followed by food at local places after. There are also monthly Parkrun meet-ups and social dinner occasions. Look on the social groups for more details or email

South East England

Region Representative: Darren Comeau

Berkshire group – contact Lucy Samways

Chichester & Arun group – contact Doug Maw
Chichester & Arun Vegan Runners Facebook group.

Brighton & Hove group – contact Dan Stent & Antje Schemath

Brighton & Sussex Vegan Runners Facebook group.

Popular events include; Brighton Half Marathon (Feb), Brighton Marathon (Apr), the Brighton 10k (Nov), all held along the seafront. We normally run a stall at the 2-day Brighton Vegfest UK held in March. There are also other ad hoc meet ups at Bevendean, East Brighton, Preston Park and Hove Lawns prom park runs.

Eastbourne group – contact Pauline Delaney
Eastbourne Vegan Runners facebook group. 1st Saturday of the month is Eastbourne parkrun meet up.

Hampshire group – contact Mike Harper (Fareham)
Hampshire Vegan Runners facebook group

Hastings group – contact Matleena Elonheimo
Hastings Vegan Runners facebook group. Monthly meet-up at Hastings parkrun every third Saturday of month. Veginner courses. Hastings Half Marathon in March.

Haywards Heath group – contact Kerrianne Maloney
Haywards Heath Vegan Runners facebook group.
Regular meet-up in Haywards Heath to run each week and also do parkrun tourism in the area each month, as well as our own local parkrun at Clair park.

Isle of Wight group – contact Sarah Turtle

Isle of Wight Vegan Runners Facebook group

Kent group – contact Michael Foster & Dean Evans
Kent Vegan Runners facebook group
Kent Vegan Runners meet on the first Saturday of the month at various locations for a run and food.

Thanet group – contact Dean Evans
Vegan Runners UK Thanet facebook group. Thanet VR will be at Pegwell Bay and Palmbay (the weeks they are not doing anything with Kent VR group).

Oxfordshire group – contact tbc
Oxfordshire Vegan Runners Facebook group
Vegan Runners Oxfordshire Strava group

SeaHaven group (Peacehaven, Seaford & New haven) – contact TBC.  Parkrun meet up with members of Brighton, Eastbourne, Hastings and other groups at Peacehaven is last weekend of the month.

Surrey group – contact tbc
Vegan Runners UK Surrey facebook group

Vegan Runners Reading – contact Carolyn Rowell
Vegan Runners Reading facebook group

Worthing group – contact Caroline Gabriel
Worthing Vegan Runners facebook group

South West England

Region Representative: Catriona Ward Sell

Bournemouth group – contact Oliver Herdsman
Bournemouth Vegan Runners facebook group

Bristol group – contact Laura Royle or Rich Sleight
Bristol Vegan Runners facebook group
Bristol Vegan Runners meet at Eastville parkrun on the 3rd Saturday of each month, followed by breakfast at a nearby café (though you will find some of us a local parkruns most weeks). We also have ad hoc meet-ups and group runs throughout the year – please see our Facebook group for details.

Gloucestershire group – contact Ian Smith
Gloucestershire Vegan Runners UK facebook group

The Channel Islands

Region Representative: Terri O’Donoghue
Vegan Runners Channel Islands facebook group

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