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parkrun is a free, weekly, timed 5km running event happening on Saturday mornings all over the UK (and beyond) organized by local volunteers. Find your nearest parkrun here.

Everyone is welcome at parkrun – whether you walk, jog, run or volunteer.

Vegan Runners have embraced parkrun, as have many clubs, and it’s fabulous to see us continue to grow and now top the list of the UK’s Biggest Clubs.

Our parkrun participation numbers have been growing strongly and accelerating in recent years. We now have 600 runners getting scanned each week, plus much more volunteering.

The Vegan Runners get-togethers at local cafés after parkrun prove to be very popular and several times a year we have huge meet-ups with around 150 Vegan Runners at parkrun.

To have your parkrun runs count towards the Vegan Runners club, you should have “Vegan Runners UK” as your primary club on your parkrun profile.

If you have not done Parkrun before, you can register for free here. You can access and update your parkrun profile here.

How did the Vegan Runners do at parkrun events this week? See the weekly results by the club here.

Would you like to join the Vegan Runners meet-up for the parkrun(s) where you are? See more details about the club’s events in your area here and also on our events calendar here.