Vegan Runners Members’ Area


Putting the ethics in athletics

We are a pretty liberal bunch and don’t like to impose too many rules on our members but we would like offer a few pointers for our newer members and those who have recently transitioned to veganism.

First and foremost, you should not eat or wear animals or their body parts and secretions.  We have no idea why anyone would want to do such things but apparently some people still do.

Please try to represent the Club and the vegan movement in as positive a way as possible.  When you’re wearing the Club kit, try to keep a smile on your face (except during uphills obviously).  We need people to know how happy and healthy we are.

Be ridiculously excited whenever you see a fellow Vegan Runner in a race.  This seems to happen naturally but whenever you encounter clubmates they will expect it.

There will never be a complete consensus of opinion so we ask all our members to respect the decisions and actions of other members and to avoid confrontation.  If a member feels that the behaviour of a fellow Vegan Runner may have a detrimental effect on the club, we would ask you to contact the committee rather than confront the individual.

As a club affiliated to UK Athletics, we are bound by their rules and have a code of conduct for our members.  Personal affiliation with England Athletics is optional when you join us.

Choose charities and races that don’t support animal testing


The club does not want to be associated with any organisation which is involved in animal experimentation. We realise that some members may wish to be involved in sponsorship or events related to bodies which fund animal testing and we respect your personal choice in this matter.

If however you have entered a race representing Vegan Runners or you are wearing club kit, please do not display any materials or post photographs in our social media which promote such organisations.  Our admins understand the club policy and will delete any such posts at their earliest opportunity.  Other members should not draw undue attention to any such post.

This Animal Aid guide may be useful in identifying the position of various medical charities with respect to animal testing.


Keep smiling and avoid confrontation

We believe that the best way to promote behaviour change in others is to engage with people in a positive, non-confrontational manner.  What better way to promote cruelty-free living than to don the black and green vest and run for the animals.  We believe that our message is most powerful when we show that we lead a happy, healthy life and demonstrate the strength of our community.

We ask our members to think carefully about their behaviour when they are wearing club kit or at athletics events.  The club does not support any confrontation or behaviour which intentionally causes harm to others.  It’s just not cool.

If someone passes a comment that you don’t like, try not to lower yourself to their level.  If someone shouts “bacon”, shout back “bananas”; if they ask where you get your protein from tell them “plants” and keep on smiling.

A club for vegan runners of all abilities

Whether you’re a vegan who wants to get active, a runner who wants to save the world or a vegan runner who hasn’t signed up yet, join us now and be awesome.