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It’s easy to be vegan and will deliver health and performance benefits


Trail Running explained some of the advantages of cruelty-free in their Why Vegans Run Faster Article.

Our local groups have supported many runners to transition to veganism and you’ll be amazed how easily you adapt.  Join your local group if you would like any advice or support during your transition.

There are many useful resources available to help you to start your journey to cruelty-free living.  The Vegan Society, Go Vegan World, and Animal Aid all make a strong case. Veganuary campaign is available all year round, too!

The last decade has seen unprecedented growth in veganism as awareness grows regarding the health benefits and the cruel treatment of farmed animals.  This surge in veganism has been helped by a number of documentaries that highlight how the animal agriculture industry is destroying the planet, damaging people’s health, and mistreating innocent animals.

The high street has responded and it’s now easy to live a vegan lifestyle and impossible to justify animal exploitation.  Alongside the growing number of whole foods, a huge variety of plant milk and vegan alternatives to cheese, eggs, and meat are available and you can eat vegan at all good restaurants.

Plant-based nutrition is likely to enhance performance and improve your health


If the cruelty and environmental reasons aren’t enough to convince you to try a vegan lifestyle, you may be interested to know of the possible performance advantages.

Athletes at all levels are increasingly recognizing the performance benefits of a plant-based diet.  You might be surprised how many of the world’s leading athletes have adopted a plant-based diet to aid their performance and recovery.

Elite sprinter and long jumper Carl Lewis and endurance athletes such as Scott Jurek, Rich Roll, and our own Fiona Oakes are leading proponents of a cruelty-free lifestyle.

Jermaine Defoe has adopted and a vegan lifestyle and players such as Lionel Messi, Sergio Aguero, Russell Martin, and the Forest Green team have adopted a plant-based diet.  As have a number of tennis players including the Williams sisters.

A number of MMA fighters and heavyweight boxer David Haye have also adopted a vegan lifestyle, as has Formula One’s Lewis Hamilton and a number of leading cricketers.

You can find more information about nutrition in our FAQ section.

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