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Renewing Your Membership

If you wish to renew your membership please sign in to your Vegan Runners membership account here otherwise please read on for further information about joining.

New Members

Please note that Vegan Runners UK is not accepting applications from runners not living in the UK whilst the club reviews its policies (2 August 2023).

By joining Vegan Runners UK you will be able to buy the registered Vegan Runners’ kit and receive updates for the club.  The basic cost of membership is £6 – similar to the price of a pint of over-priced craft beer, but you can receive the love of a family, and the support of a community and get to test the power of plants. Runners, supporters, and families living in the same household can join at a discounted price of £9. There is also a concessionary rate of £4 for students and runners on a low income.

Our membership year runs from 1st April to 31st March.  If you join between January and March, your membership will be carried forward on 1 April to the following year i.e. you can receive up to 15 months of membership depending on when you join. Anyone wishing to join in December will not be approved until early January so you do not need to pay again in April.

The more active or competitive runners should consider registering with England Athletics via the club for an additional £17 per year. By registering with England Athletics, your results will automatically be listed for the Vegan Runners team. Registering with England Athletics is open to runners of all abilities and allows the runner to claim the race entry discount of £2 or £3 by declaring their UKA / EA number.

For more details about the membership options available, visit our Questions and Answers section.

If your main interest is the weekly 5km ‘Parkrun’ run, you do not need to register with England Athletics, but on your ‘Parkrun’ profile you can select ‘Vegan Runners UK’ as your club. This way you will represent Vegan Runners UK every time to complete a ‘Parkrun’.

If you’re an established club runner, join us as a second claim member to show your support for cruelty-free living and become part of our amazing community. Contact England Athletics to add ‘Vegan Runners UK’ as your 2nd claim club, there is no additional fee to England Athletics. You will, however, need to join Vegan Runners UK to be an official member of the club, buy the club kit and receive the benefits. If you wish to switch to Vegan Runners UK as your 1st claim club, you will need to log in to your England Athletics account and scroll down to ‘Club Transfer’. There will be an admin fee of £10 to England Athletics if you have been registered in the last few years.

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