Robin Hood Half aka Experian Festival Of Running And The Like

We hear from Paul Snell, who plans to be at the vegan fair “with the little vegan family” for a while…

I have a DNS for Sunday’s Stratford triathlon – I was off sick. I have entered the Tewkesbury triathloon for this Sunday – but not mentioned my club because I think I will come last! Based on last years results there will be no athletes riding shopping bikes.

He then makes a call to action – as indeed did Clare Coombes last month – 

Who is up for The Robin Hood half? (My emphasis not Paul’s – Ed)It seems to fit my calendar and it will give Ben from our office another chance to humiliate me… or, very possibly, a chance for REVENGE! The real motivator for us MOTP runners ;-).

(Ed comments – given that Abingdon’s full and Mablethorpe’s off this year, possibly Nottingham is going to be the place to be this autumn – book now!)