London Training Sessions Feb & Mar11

London Training Sessions Feb & Mar11

The latest from Peter Simpson:

Today’s training session (6 Feb) was held in Hyde Park, meeting at our normal place, the Bandstand. It was a small turnout but none-the-less useful for all concerned. Another marathon trainer Cherryl was recovering from her recent return journey to work by bike of 28 miles and Cherryl is not a regular cyclist so, by request, we just had a group run today around Hyde Park or basically 3 different loops.

Afterwards we visited the Serpentine Cafe but by mistake bought our drink from the take away counter and was prevented from taking a seat. We found a sheltered area nearby to relax and suddenly the local squirrels came out in force, five at least in a small area in front of us.

Talking about options for our March session, Cherryl is entering a 20 miles event in London on 6th, the day of our next training session so we are going to see if we can support Cherryl & any other members in the event followed by a training session for the supporters. Obviously the logistics need to be worked out and depend on when Cherryl & co finish. The training session will start later given that Cherryl is likely to finish after 11am, starting the event at 8am if correct.

Cherryl sends the following event details to anyone who maybe interested:

I’ve entered a 20 mile race that I thought might be of interest to the rest of you. It’s on 6th March in London. It starts near Putney Bridge and follows the Thames path to Richmond and back. Details for the Thames Riverside 20 can be found here…

If you are interested, it’s only £8.50 and you can enter online until 1st March.
Following today’s session in Hyde Park, I visited other potential training parks in west London, an area that has not had much coverage. Firstly I went to Wormwood Scrubs Park, an area I had not considered until recently as it was not listed for organised events. Now I am not too surprised as apart from one cycle path it is mainly featureless common with some football pitches. There is the adjoining Linford Christie Athletics Stadium which appears to be open to the public but no refreshment area except possibly on days of competition. After a large loop around the park I headed next to Gunnersbury Park which on the map appeared to have possibly attractive facilities apart from the running routes. Again on entry I was immediately under the impression that former attractive buildings were in a state of disrepair and on reaching the area of the pavilion, it was in fact derelict although there is a kiosk that maybe open in the summer. There are some paths otherwise more attractive common than was seen at Wormwood Scrubs.

Just south of the Thames from Barnes Bridge is the London Wetlands & Wildfowl Trust area with a towpath. On the map there is a visitors centre and access to the towpath where the 20 miles event is held and a likely venue on 6 March or later. The Thames Towpath 20 miles starts at Bishop’s Park at nearby Fulham.