Bedford Half Marathon, 11 Dec

New member David Campbell reports on the popular half marathon between Bedford and Milton Keynes, possibly the last of the year? Cycling the 15 miles to the venue both ways is enough for me! Peter Simpson

“The Bedford Half” was my first official half marathon and my first race for Vegan Runners UK. My friend Patrick (from ELR and ELT) traveled early from East London but by the time we parked we were on the last bus to the start of the race. Likewise we’d not much time to spare to collect timing chips and find our way to predicted 8 minute mile position. The race was probably the most crowded I’d been in, with 1500+ runners, so I’d found it tricky at the start.

After a couple of miles Patrick and I settled into 7.5 minute miles which was faster than predicted. At 6 minute miles and the onset of hills I started to break away from Patrick. The long hill lasted up to mile 9 or so and I’d managed to catch up with fellow triathlete Graham (ELT). As the hill flattened and started to go downhill from Cranfield Graham and other runners I’d passed started to overtake me. Still, I enjoyed the long downhill till mile 11. By which stage I needed a toilet break and had to take 2-3 minutes out.

When I returned, Patrick had caught up, and had to encourage me to keep up with the pace. We both ran at a nice even pace for the last couple of miles and ran the last bit of uphill to complete the race in just over 1:41. However, with the crowded start then official time was a tad over 1:40:00 which was very satisfactory.

I was delighted to see Peter Simpson after the race and we shared a tea together and a few snaps taken. We seen and cheered the local celebratory couple where the woman was on the wheel chair and the husband had pushed up and down the hills of Bedford. A very BIG Well Done to all those that took part and to Bedford club itself who organised a brilliant event.