2nd London Training Session, 14 February

Regent’s Park is a regular venue for 10K events on the first Sunday of the month, so VRUK’s 2nd session here will not clash on Sunday, 14th. The terrain is fairly gentle and we will aim to keep to the paths. Obviously we will keep a close watch on the weather forecast and in the case of severe weather will reschedule it for the following week. Aim to arrive 10 – 15 minutes before the start so the session can start at the advertised time.

We will plan the session to make it suitable for most abilities, the general format will be:

* 1. Start off with a slow group run
* 2. Handicap session where the slowest runners set off first in the intended direction and the fastest in the opposite direction for a short interval, turn and aim to slowly catch up with the runners ahead. Repeat
* 3. Interval session with say 2 minutes at your faster pace, one minute slow jog (to re-group) and repeat a number of times
* 4. Finish off with a slow group run
* 5. Depending on whether the venue caters for vegans, walk to a suitable venue for drink / refreshment / lunch

The session will last a minimum of an hour and subject to interest could last longer for those runners in training for a marathon or long distance event. If you are interested in attending (non-members most welcome) it would be useful to e-mail, text or phone the organiser, Peter Simpson. On the day ring/text 07967 589663 otherwise 01908 503919 or e-mail veganrunners@talktalk.net. From April we will aim to start the sessions earlier at 10am. Look forward to seeing many of you on 14 February. Subsequent sessions are being planned for 14 March and 11 April, venue to be decided.