More Miles

More Miles

As well as the Race to the Stones long distance vegans were putting in the miles at the Summer Ranscombe Challenge and St Cuthbert’s Way Ultra last weekend.

The St Cuthbert’s Way Ultra 100k was undertaken by both of our members called David Anderson which may have had the organisers scratching their heads 🙂 You can read David’s report here.

  • David Anderson  15:43:30  12th of 48 starters (36 finishers)
  • David Anderson TE  20:19:27  joint 34th

The Ranscombe Challenge is to complete as many laps of a rolling trail course as you can over 1 or 2 days, some serious miles!

Saturday 11th:

  • Liz Vassell  49.4 miles in 11:25
  • Jonathan Wilkes  30.4 miles in 7:41
  • Emine Ismail de Sanchez  26.6 miles in 5:59

Sunday 12th:

  • Mark Lutman  30.4 miles in 6:51
  • Jonathan Wilkes  30.4 miles  7:27
  • Jonathan Ryan  26.6 miles in 5:36
  • Emine Ismail de Sanchez  26.6 miles in 6:07
Jonathan Ryan Summer Ranscombe Challenge 2015

Jonathan Ryan

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