Race to the Stones

A fine turnout of Vegan Runners at the Race to the Stones 100k ultra last weekend. The route follows the Ridgeway from the north Chilterns to Avebury stone circle and sounds pretty tough!


  • Fiona Oakes  12:05:59  12/263 F 85/862 overall
  • Phillip Mace  13:42:25  161/599 M  194/862 overall

Over 2 days

  • Catherine Hansford  15:59:30  39/211 F  134/483 overall
  • Claire Hossell  21:29:50  124/211 F  315/483 overall

Fiona ran dressed in a cow suit and with a sore knee before she even started. As well as being an amazing ambassador for veganism Fiona has a lot of mouths to feed at Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary – you can still chip in at:



‘ … running in a Cow Suit I had to start at the back of the race and it took me ages to work my way up the field but despite this – and the fact another runner fell on me in a particularly awkward stretch of forest near the beginning, injuring my bad knee very severely – I was really shocked, surprised and delighted to finish in 12 place overall in just over 12 hours.’

Fiona Oakes

Fiona Oakes and Percy


‘Completed the race to the stones yesterday and was welcomed in by my son. I also had a huge morale boost in the morning when fiona oakes came and said hi to me!!!’

Philip Mace Race to the  Stones

Philip Mace


‘This Vegan Runner completed the 2 day 100km Race to the Stones this weekend … Never had so many blisters!!’

Claire Hossell

Claire Hossell