York 10k 2015

Great to hear from all our members who did the York 10k last weekend!

  • Matthew Jones  38:45  88th of 5136 finishers
  • Annabel Sykes  47:26  862nd
  • Gary Andrews  48:41  1039th
  • Gina Andrews  50:43  1371st
  • Dawn White  1:18:26  4832nd
  • Paul White  1:18:27  4833rd


‘Took it easy as we could and the knee held up really well. But the overall lack of fitness due to just one 5k and one 2k run in the last 8 weeks proved the hardest obstacle. But we completed the distance despite walking a little and have a nice medal too. Great seeing another Vegan runner before and appreciated the support of a few vegans who came up to and and wanted a photo taken with us. And a well done to Dawn Neal White who supported me all the way.’


‘Another York 10k finisher- nice to see plenty of VR vests in the mix. Really happy to go under 39 mins for the first time with 38:45. Training works!’


‘Smashed my 10k time at York this morning, PB by over 2 minutes at 47.23!!
Took me quite by surprise. I have done no speed work this season (cos I hate it). I’ve been lifting weights, going to spin classes for cardio, and doing long slow runs at no faster than 10 min/mile (first ultra 6 weeks ago).
I’ve put on weight (in muscle) and have been eating lots of fats (avos, nuts, coconut) and fewer carbs, especially grains.

Moral of the story…. There’s lots of different ways to train and get results’


‘Very pleased to have completed the York 10K today – very nice run with lots of support all the way round 🙂 Didn’t quite manage the sub 50 I was hoping for but happy I managed to knock 30 seconds off PB with 50.43 pleased with a little progress 🙂 Here is me pre “race” (second race ever) and post run re-fuelling with Bicis y mas ‘s all day vegan breakfast 🙂 Well done to all the other runners – hubby saw some Vegan runners coming over finish line quick, well done!!! 🙂 x’

Gina Andrews York 10k medal Gina Andrews York 10k