Yasmin and Phillippa Complete 1st Marathon

Leicester Marathon, 13 October

Phillippa Bennett posts in Facebook –
Ran my first marathon yesterday! Ran all the way and came in well below target time so am feeling very pleased indeed. The first 20 miles were better than expected, but miles 21-24 were the hardest miles I’ve ever run in my life. At mile 25 I began to feel the end was in sight and I might actually make it alive – and the last stage to 26.2 miles was made a good deal easier by the great support along the finishing line with the wonderful Charles Bennett waiting at the line with a congratulatory hug. I am sore all over today but it was definitely worth it! Great to run my first marathon with Yasmin Inglis who ran a fantastic race too and we were both proudly wearing our Vegan Runners kit. Thanks to Peter Simpson for coming to take photos for Vegan Runners. The next time we meet up will be for vegan cake however – the running shoes are having a rest for a little while now!
Really pleased with the result and now have that elusive marathon under my belt after years of wondering about doing one!

Yasmin Inglis posts in Facebook – 
First ever marathon completed in wet and windy Leicester. Thanks to Peter Simpson for coming and supporting. Positive comments from quite a few other runners, marshall’s and even 1 dog walker on the vegan vest.

Peter Simpson reports  – given the weather conditions earlier in the morning I did not feel in any hurry to get there although missed the opportunity to see the finish of the half marathon event and the time on the clock for the marathon was 3.40 by the time I arrived. The finishing straight was on tarmac on the edge of Victoria Park. The 300 metres or so of the flat straight made for an entertaining finish with lots of runners putting in extra effort, encouraged by the great support from the commentator and supporters. As runners funneled onto the park I thought it may have got very muddy but in fact the surface was still relatively firm.
I recall Yasmin encouraging me to stay patient as I may have a fair wait but as it turned out, I was caught by surprise when Phillippa was approaching with well under 4.20 on the clock and looking on good form! I heard earlier that the timing system was not working very well but at least the gun time was unaffected.
I met Phillippa at the end of the Finish funnel / marquee where there were also a number of masseurs assisting runners. Phillippa quickly met her husband and myself and was in no hurry to collapse on the ground. We were concerned of the whereabouts of Yasmin who obviously not yet finished so, I quickly headed back onto the course to lookout for our 2nd Vegan Runner making sure I had not just missed Yasmin. It was not long before Yasmin appeared in the distance also going well and I had plenty of time to take a good photo. Yasmin was well under 4.30 going by the clock time.
Yasmin and Phillippa soon met up in the Finish funnel for more photos and Yasmin was looking mighty relieved to have finished as she rested over the barrier. Congratulations to our two new proud marathon runners. Yasmin’s family and supporters arrived to hear the tales including husband Ben who also ran the half marathon and was wearing his medal.


Phillipa’s Marathon finish!!

Proud to join the Marathon elite

Yasmin focuses on the Finish

Yes! Yes! Yes! Done it!