World Vegan Sports Day

World Vegan Sports Day

1st November is World Vegan Day.

A great opportunity for various vegan sports clubs (including Vegan Runners UK) to join forces and launch World Vegan Sports Day 2020!

The idea is to exercise en-masse on the weekend of 31st October to 1st November.

We will add up and register all the kilometres travelled with the aim of making a tour around the world.

It does not matter which sport you do as a vegan athlete, add your mileage to the document in the Google link below.

Then immediately check the social pages that we have created to pay attention to this.

  1. Register here and enter your mileage here:
  2. Stay vegan and nail your sport
  3. The Facebook event page:
  4. The Facebook group page:
  5. Follow us on Instagram @vegansportsdays
    Tag us in your photos and use the exclusive hashtag: #WorldVeganSportsDay
  6. Join the event on the VRUK Strava club