World Vegan Day Running & Events in London

Make it a UK-wide mass vegan run on 1 November!

Given that World Vegan Day is on a Sunday this year, there is a great opportunity to mark the day by either meeting up at an event or going for a training run in the VRUK kit. The London group have the opportunity to meet at the two events as took place in 2008, they are the Regent’s Park 10K, starting at 9am, cost £8 members in advance or at Finsbury Park for the Rainforest Foundation 10K starting at 11am, cost £13 members in advance. Note that for the latter the price on the day is likely to be £20. There is the possibility of running them both but I would not advise it.

I shall be entering the Rainforest event as I am traveling from Milton Keynes with slow public transport on Sundays but will be aiming to arrive to see the start of the Regent’s Park 10K and take some photos but leaving early to reach Finsbury Park in good time. I would encourage anyone who would prefer the Regent’s Park event to enter, here we can get a team result but not at Finsbury Park which is obviously a charity event.

I would also encourage runners from Regent’s Park, if you have the time and energy left to come to Finsbury Park to support your colleagues and boost our photo-call. Afterwards we could seek a cafe or even revisit last year’s pub for a Thai meal! I think we will give the climbing wall cafe a miss that we visited last year. There is of course the Eco-Veggie Fayre at Croydon that day.

The links to enter the events:

Regent’s Park click here , it is a series but you can enter individual events.

Finsbury Park (Rainforest event) click here

Please inform Laurence Klein when you have entered either event on and if you have been for a training run on World Vegan Day in the VRUK kit please send Maria Hamilton a message on .