Why all the llamas recently?

As a teacher, it’s not often I work on a Saturday. But once a year there is an Open Day where next year’s prospective sixth form students come to look round the college. It felt very odd to be there on a Saturday, but we have next Friday off to make up for it, so I’m not complaining. :-)

To make it feel more like a weekend then, I pretty much had to do a marathon yesterday. The Steppingley Step is a great LDWA event. It felt very similar to last week, in that there were fields of mud, lots of stiles and some llamas. However, there was also a huge hill about a mile or so in (so steep it had steps) and some really fluffy cows that looked more like big stuffed toys than real live creatures. It felt much easier than last week though and was significantly quicker (yet still just over 5 hours).

A lovely day out in the countryside (it was a circular route, starting in the village of Barton-le-Clay, a bit north of Luton) and a chance to ride Haku (my shiny Yamaha Fazer 600) to get there. There were loads of people I knew there today which is always nice. 

A weekend off next for me, which I think my legs will appreciate. (I mean no marathons or ultras – I’ll be taking over 30 of my students down to Brighton to do the 10K. Makes a pleasant change from the sort of things we normally hear about teenagers doing.)
What can we say… llots of llamas!