Welly 5 – Fast or Fiction, 28/7/13

Bruce battles it out with his old club!

We had a south-westerly breaze once again this year to slow us down at the start. The course is potentially fast but the first 1-2 miles are in a westerly direction so the faster runners have more of a battle with the wind. Bruce was aiming for a fast time especially given the derby dual between his local Team Balancise and former club Wellingborough and District AC. I went off at a modest pace given that it was my first proper race since May whereas Bruce has been building up towards peak form.

After about 1.5 miles we turned out of the wind and back onto a long straight for the next mile or so. Here I slowly upped the pace and overtook some runners. Entering a village of Mears Ashby there was a small dip where we did a u-turn, back out and in the direction of the finish. I continued to improve my position although I had stiffness in the calves, causing me some concern. Turning off the long straight and mostly into an easterly direction, the wind was almost directly behind, encouraging me to increase the pace further. I went past one further group of runners before turning off-road and onto the field to the finish. I was quite pleased with that performance although did not see a clock so only had an approximate time of 34-35 mins. Later that evening it was confirmed as 34.34.

Bruce confirmed that he found it difficult trying to run a fast time in the wind and suffered for it later, finishing in 28.32 for 9th. Yasmin on the other hand was running here for the first time and found the mostly flat course beneficial, running a personal best of 41.22. Staying for the presentation, Bruce’s team did very well winning a team prize and a further prize in the Eastern Vets Champs.

Yasmin just finished!

Bruce’s fast increasing trophy display