Wellingborough 5 miles, 29 July

Peter Simpson reports the annual trip to Wellingborough for the rural 5 miles.

An event I have run many times, it is mostly flat with long straight stretches. Finally met up with Bruce Lovell near the Start line for whom this event is local and was busy with most of his local club present. There were also the usual two members of the VC&AC present, Keith Hammond & Mark Affuso. Bruce raced four days earlier in the Bedford (Doug Anderson) 5K and achieved one of our fastest recorded times by a vegan runner of 17.35 and was mindful of not overdoing it so intended to run a little slower!

The Start line was moved back about 100 metres this year otherwise the same course. We were running mostly into the wind for the first two miles and after an hour plus of cycling from Northampton plus the recent swelling around the left shin due to the bike accident had only reduced in past day, I was not in the frame of mind to go off quickly. Turning away from the wind, my form did begin to improve as we ran towards the village of Mears Ashby. Coming out of the dip and the village there were about two flat miles to go so an opportunity to build up some speed! After my slowish first half I was gradually moving up the field and wondered whether I had left enough time to break the 34 minutes once again. I remember passing presumably the familiar lead V60 male with less than a mile to go . There was a 100+ metres stretch on grass to the finish line.

Once again there was a photo company present and almost as fast as we finished, pages of photos were on display but as far as time was concerned there wasn’t a list on display by the time I left after the presentation or as far as I could see. Later I found out it was 34.03 & 75th, Bruce still achieved a remarkable time of 28.59 and around 17th.

Keith Hammond is on a roll for the VC&AC at present with another V50 prize with a time of 30.56.

Cycling back to Northampton station the weather began to deteriorate but luckily just made it before a downpour.