Welcome fell runners! And other stuff

Peter says:
Graham Collins
joined VRUK on 20 March and wore the VRUK vest at the Edale Skyline Fell Races yesterday, 30 March in South Yorkshire. Graham is obviously a talented runner, over the 21 miles that included 4500 feet of climbing he finished in 21st  / 258 in a time of 3:23:41.

In other news, Annette Herold ran the Fleet Half and says,
I … didn’t wear my Vegan Runners vest as it would not fit over my rain jacket.

A lot of us have vests but are not always able to wear them when we would like to – sometimes for purely practical reasons (e.g. weather), sometimes because we belong to other clubs too and it is more appropriate to wear their vest for a particular event. I am hoping I will never have to say, “The dog ate mine” but the new hound likes to play with everything so I shall have to take care!. As the weather varies so much I suspect there is no one answer, short of an entire “Vegan Runner” clothing line from socks through shorts on to caps.

Talking of vests – a couple of VRUK vests were spotted at the Bath Half Marathon – anyone know who?

Lastly, if anyone is thinking of running the Abingdon Marathon (I know Sharon D. for one has put her entry in) and would like to meet up, leave a comment – I live in Abingdon, ten minutes’ walk from the start. – Maria