Weekly Roundup

Alexandra Portwine (11 July) says:

Ran Dinton Pastures 10K …racing against my husband for the first

time, so it was vegan V vegetarian! It was very very hot, and I am

nursing a knee niggle, so managed a pathetic 49:09, but did at least

beat hubby! He did really well to finish in 55:45, and then swam in

the lake afterwards to cool off!

Keith Gilbert (13 July)

Whitstable Parkrun this morning, plus 15 miles on the bike to get

there and back. Time: 25:23. pos:60/143. Next Saturday, volunteering

as 30 minute pacer, and on the Sunday, I hope to do The Mount Ephraim

10K nr Faversham. Described by the organizers as the most challenging

road 10K in Kent.

Nick Blackwell (13 July)

Somewhat hot, sweaty and “hilly” (by my standards) morning at the

Thorndon 10K XC – finished 56/107 in 1h 4s (their time) or 59:13 (my

garmin time ;)). ‘Slow’, but with an average HR of 178BPM I felt I

pushed as hard as possible, lol.

Shelley van der Berg (14 July)

Evelina Odej and I ran The Surrey Badger half today. I finished in

2:00:51 and Evie in 2:09:18. I came 6/51 in W35-49 cat & 21/174 woman.

Evie came 21/83 in senior ladies cat & 47/174 woman.

Cedric David has finished an Ironman in about 14 hours – report to

follow once he’s recovered!! 🙂

Matthew Toy (14 July)

“Ran (survived?) the Wales Marathon … It was hot and hilly, but I

managed to slip into 19th place in the men’s in 3:39:36. Did an

horrific positive split of 1:42 for the first half and 1:57 for the

second. Those hills destroyed me completely! ”

Craig Wallace (14 July)

“Did the Half Ben Nevis Race …- about 9.6km, 650m up and down. A

nice run, not too hot, a bit misty at halfway. Time of 1:16:34, so a

few minutes faster than last year. Position 32/83. Now ready for the

full Ben in September…”

Martin Stacy ( 17 July)

“I finished 52nd of 354 at the Priory multi-terrain 10k in Wakefield

(on Wednesday evening). Not too bad for my third race in five days.

I think my VRUK vest has spent more time in the wash than on me this week.”