Volunteers Needed for V3K

Volunteers urgently needed for V3K Ultra, the vegan mountain ultra race, 13th June 2015 Snowdonia
We are sad to report that we are below safety critical numbers for volunteers at this year’s race and urgently need to recruit more people.
V3K Ultra is in its 4th year and has over 160 runners registered this year, folk are travelling from USA, China, New Zealand South Africa and all over Europe to take part. Folk go vegan for the day and some for the month as do all our volunteers. We support people in the months coming up to the race to help with their diet. So you can see that people make a  more than usual commitment to this race.
We need people on the hills, in the valleys and at the finish where we serve free vegan food for runners and spectators. In return they will get amazing food, we will find folk somewhere to stay, they’ll get a great tshirt and of course be part of one of the most amazing races in the world (we think).
V3K Ultra is in the Skyrunning series, a world renowned series of mountain races.
Please contact us on [email]info@vegan-welsh-3000s.co.uk[/email] for more information.
Thank you for your continued support

Kirsch Bowker

Race Director – V3K Skyrunning UK