Victoria Park Trying Time!

Ed: We were looking forward to using the track at Victoria Park only to find a large proportion of the park including the track was surrounded by 8 feet high boards which we believe is building work for the Olympics. The park’s lakes/ponds are also drained. Fortunately the eastern end of the park near the closed off track is spared and there are large areas we were able to loop around.

I experienced delays once again on the train that further put back our meet-up but luckily Cherryl, James & new contact John soon met. John is also a member of Edmonton RC. By the time we started it was 11am and Chris had found us. After a warm-up lap together on the flat parkland, we chose a large loop and agreed on a format of non-competing relays with two pairs and myself running with a ghost 2nd runner. There was an area where we were at risk of getting hit by practicing cricketers so eventually extended the loop. It was not too hot, the short rest periods helping. After several laps we switched to a new loop nearby on pathways and finished the session with 4 laps each. Unfortunately I did not have my thinking cap on and omitted to take action photos.

We retired to the Gallery Cafe for lunch, a longish walk back to Bethnal Green.

Follow-on training sessions from August will be taking place at Regents’ Park (meet at The Hub) as has been suggested. With some training members taking part in a half marathon on 7 August at Hackney Marshes and the London Vegan Festival on 21st, the 14th at present is likely to be the logical choice. Any members who are only available on 7 August for a Sunday training session could still go to Regents’ Park knowing that it is now our London training venue. Discussions will continue and you can e-mail me your thoughts.

Peter Simpson