Vegans at Lightning Pace

Darren Spindler Reports on the Conti Lightning Run

Darren in the aerobics warm-up

Georgie and I competed in the Conti Lightning Run on Sunday, 30 June. The objective was to do as many laps of a 10km off road course as possible within 12 hours. This was the first endurance run which we have entered but we like aiming high so we had an ambitious target in mind of setting a new course record for our mixed pair category, which meant we would have to beat the previous one of 14 laps.

We camped on site overnight and got up at the crack of dawn ready for the 6am start. The weather was perfect and the atmosphere was really lively. I ran first and set out at our intended pace ready for the long day ahead. The hilly course made it’s way around fields and through thick woodland with exposed roots and stumps all over the place. This made sure it kept you on your toes so there was no time for monotony to kick in!

It was nice to be able to run one lap and then have some food and a bit of a stretch before doing it again. As we didn’t have more than a few seconds to speak to each other at the handover of the baton, we were leaving notes in the tent to keep each other updated and motivated. The first few laps seemed to take the longest and then the day just started flying by once we got in the zone.

We managed to beat the course record and completed 15 laps in 11:41:48!
By this point we were 19 minutes behind first place and 1 hour ahead of third place so we realised a 16th lap wouldn’t gain us first place. This means our course record was instantly beaten but we were still immensely happy with the result. The first place couple were seasoned endurance runners, having even done 24 hour events and they said we provided very good competition for them which was nice to hear. Collecting our awards in front of the crowd at the end in our Vegan Runners vests and being announced as team plant power made us feel proud.

Georgie at the end of lap 2
Darren at the end of lap 5
The Winner’s Podium