Ultrafest day 4

Popped in to see Mitsos late this evening and had a little chat. Not

surprisingly he’s starting to look a little frayed, but he was still

in good spirits, despite achilles issues, a swollen knee, and a

remarkably large blister (now gone again ).

(The heavens opened this afternoon – I work just over a mile from the

track, and as the rain started to hammer down on the office roof, the

ultrafest live results suddenly went blue as the runners decided NOW

would be a good time for a meal or a nap!).

Even in August the tents can get cold and damp at nights, he said, and

of course it’s hard to get to sleep when everything hurts.

The race is over half way now and clearly the funny side of it all is

starting to strike the competitors. One was trotting round wearing

illuminated red devil ears and another was singing as he went.

Tomorrow things will get more exciting as the 48h race starts – Mitsos

wondered whether he should Don hiviz gear to avoid being trampled