"ultra" Anna has a "nice" marathon

We hear from Anna Finn, who has been, well, dare we say, slumming it at the shorter distances…
I had a fantastic week snowboarding in Austria (I organised the college ski trip this year) then went up to Rugby last night to complete the Draycote Water Marathon today. Peter Simpson turned out to cheer me on and I met another runner who plans to join VRUK soon. It was very windy around the lake at times, but otherwise a nice course, far less tough than the ultras! There were five and a bit laps, mostly flat, on roads. I’ve attached a couple of pictures – one taken by the lake before the start, the other with the finishers T shirt at the end. It turns out that a week of snowboarding is pretty good cross training! I felt very comfortable most of the way, apart form a worrying twinge in my leg which fortunately went away quite quickly, finishing in my third fastest time ever, at just over 4 hours and 1 minute.
We would all love to know your recovery secrets, Anna!