Trails of the Riverbank. The Canterbury 10K -24/3/13 – Keith Gilbert

This is a new one to the running events calendar. It’s basically an out and back course from the village of Chartham to Canterbury along the banks of the River Stour, using a newish off road cycling path [ part of National Cycle Route 18 – Canterbury to Tunbridge Wells ].

Well, it was an extremely cold day, and what with bad weather and minor ill health, I was still lacking in training and wasn’t expecting too much.The course which certainly has pb potential was marred by a good number of cattle grids, the organizers had covered these up with board, but with the heavy pounding of nearly 200 runners, they had shifted and in some cases broken up. The organizers are aware of these short comings and promise to improve the situation for next year.

Tea and coffee were on offer [donations for charity welcome] inside Chartham village hall. All in all a pleasant and friendly event with potential for the future. Parkrun are considering using part of the course for a possible Canterbury Parkrun.

Result: 56:07    overall-123/190    men- 92/114   mv 50-59 -14/18.