The time is:…… THIRTY-…!

We hear from SDL, who has – if you remember – been battling to remove the 4- from the front of his 10k times.

Hello,  “Jolly running weather” after just failing to break 40mins for the 10k on Sunday , this morning I  was back at the Eton College Rowing Lake, which will be used for the 2012 Olympic regatta. The event was the Dorney Dash 10k. 2 laps of the lake run on smooth tarmac and pan cake flat.  This time I could not fail.
  The weather conditions were favourable, often the biggest problem at this site is wind, big wind barriers will be set up for  2012 Olympics. Rain had threatened, on an unusually cold Saturday May 8th. 
  Through first kilometer in 3mins 31secs and 5k in 19mins 30secs, I usually weaken in second half, so relieved to go past 9km marker in under 36 mins to finish in a new PB time of 39mins 43seconds.
Again lift provided by Southampton AC member so obliged to wear Soton AC vest during run but as soon as I had finished I put on the  Vegan Runners Vest which thus got good exposure at the event for next half hour.
  A Serpentine runner approached me to say he used to be a Vegan but has a problem with iron levels which he reckons also affects his running, asking to e-mail him if a could provide any info , (GP visit inconclusive)so if anyone has anything intelligent to say on that one I could pass the advice on to him and mabye he could return to being a Vegan again.
DORNEY DASH 10K  Saturday May 8th
TIME 39mins 43Secs
POSITION OVERALL 35th/532 runners
MV50 3rd (2 secs behind 2nd)
Vest Soton AC during race, Vegan Runner (post race)