Stanwick 10K 6 April 2015

I was available on Easter Monday but not fit to enter so once again I made the long journey by bike, this time via Northampton rail station and managed to arrive for the start rather than see the runners at 3K. Knowing that Laura was entered plus the forecast for fine weather was enough incentive. Setting out early there was a grass frost in the hollow areas. After about 2 hours with breaks I arrived rather tired with 10 minutes to go and just managed to see Laura as she lined up. Laura’s vegan running partner Lee was also running for his local club.

The Stanwick village has a holiday atmosphere for this race with most runners at the finish in no hurry to rush away. The village hall along with the main pub provide the social facilities. A fair was also in the hall where I rested for a short time during the race and met a former VC&AC runner who ran last year’s race but like me not fit this year.

I moved back out to the course about 200 metres from the finish to see the runners pass by including Laura. We met back at the finish and in the glorious sunshine I met Laura’s local runners from Eye Community Runners including Lee Whitton.

Laura Conway Stanwick 10k

Laura Conway Stanwick 10k