Spooky, strange morning in Germany

“Running is a strange sport…” Sidney DeLara reports on the Branfeld 10k Hamburg Germany: 

Spooky and strange morning,  I always try to fit in a run when abroad/on holiday.
The run was around a lake so 4 races at same time provided confusion once round 5k, twice round 10k , also 15 and 20k.
 Spooky as i had to report in 8.30am ,at latest so still dark and the run was next to what
has got to be one of the biggest graveyards in Europe, which i had to walk through to get to race, buses go through this graveyard ,
 i counted at least 5 bus stops on the route i took. It took me about 45 mins to get through it on foot. Strange as it was first time i have been to run where nobody was at finish line, it was with chip timing though, so you got your time and place straightaway and a certificate printed from computer to take away with you, giving time, overall position and age group position. Running is a strange sport and in doing my slowest ever 10k (it was officially 10.2k) and was 1st in age group.