Southampton "Marrowthon"

We hear from SDL who has been running the “Marrowthon” šŸ˜€ !
Took part in the 5k Southampton “Marrowthon” on Sunday April 25th. Organised by Southampton University medical students for the Anthony Nolan Trust, which provides marrow transplants for Leukaemia sufferers. Only under 40yrs can be donors.
(I think actually only under-40 year olds can sign up to the register, but once on the register you can donate until you are 60, provided you are in good health – so it’s worthwhile joining even if you’re going to hit 40 in a few months – there is more info on the Anthony Nolan website as to why – Ed).

Ā  There was a 10k & 5k competitive run and a 3k fun run.
As it was Sunday morning and the 5k start over an hour later than the 10k there was no problem deciding which race to enter.
Ā  The run was around Southampton Common, a big area of park land centrally situated.Ā The courseĀ  was aboutĀ third slightly uphill andĀ third slighly downhill with a bit of flatĀ and a deepset underpass providing a nasty up section to finish line.
I do not think it was an officially certified measured 5k and am hoping it was a bit longer as i finished just outside 20 mins , slower than my average for the distance. With Vegan vest on for a considerable time pre and post run alarmingly no one communicated with me about Vegan running. (If they had been trying to keep up with SDL they were probably too tired to speak!! – Ed)
Southampton Marrowthon 5kĀ 
Sunday April 25th
Time 20mins 04secs
Position 6th overall
Male Vet 2nd.
Vest Vegan Runners