Six Members Complete the Bristol Half Marathon, 30 Sep

Peter reports that the Bristol Half Marathon is a major event in the West of England with an entry approaching 15,000, there were originally 8 entries for VRUK, 6 ran on the day all wearing the Vegan Runners vest. The event is split into two start times plus an earlier wheelchair race. Our three men were in the first wave starting at 9.30am including: Andrew Knight, Daniel Kirby and Nik Windle and our women were in the second wave at 10am including: Claire Fullbrook-Scanlon, Lisa Munday and Paula Hermes. Paula from Devon had only recently joined VRUK so, keen to get started.

Andrew had previously visited Bristol for his first half marathon and carrying on his good recent form, set another personal best of 1.35.26. Daniel our local contact produced another good performance, 1.46.40 less than a minute off his best time set at Reading another huge event earlier this year. Nik Windle had no plan to go for a fast time given that he has the Abingdon Marathon to consider on 21 October. With no pressure to achieve a time, Nik rather enjoyed completing the course comfortably in 1.54.48.

Our first wave runners decided to meet up early at Cafe Kino for a well-earned meal, possibly a late breakfast so I heard. Member Jasmijn de Boo was also there from Birmingham and Daniel’s partner Helen.

Left: Helen, Daniel, Jasmijn, Andrew and Nik

Our ladies in the 2nd wave finished fairly close together, Claire 2.21.38, Lisa 2.30.09 and Paula 2.38.17. Originally they were concerned that they would be left behind and the meet-up at Cafe Kino would be over. It is not often that individual members meet so where possible we try to make arrangements. Thanks to Daniel’s local knowledge of Cafe Kino and many messages, including to all contacts & members in the area, encouraging them to support our members in whatever they can or if they were also running to get in contact.

Despite finishing around 12.30, Claire and Paula made it to Cafe Kino, unfortunately Lisa also tried to get there but being unfamiliar, could not find it in the back streets. Well done everyone for completing the event and meeting up, our best turnout for the Bristol Half Marathon to date. There was an incentive to clubs by the organisers that if they block book 10 places in advance there is a 25% reduction so maybe next year we will get our act together earlier!

In the foreground, left Paula and right Claire