Simon Dally saw 2012 out with 1st place at Bolton ParkRun and 3rd at Oxford

Ed: Emerging from the turmoil of Xmas, I find a few bits and bobs of news lurking in my inbox!
I now understand why Simon was disappointed to “only” get third at Oxford…

Simon told Peter in December,
“I’m back running now and have as good as shaken off the injury, although I’m still aware of it when I’m running. I have upped the pace over the last couple of weeks or so and now seem to be much faster than before. I won’t bore you with all the details, but I was happy to win the Bolton Park Run last week on a new tougher circuit. I couldn’t get up for today’s Park Run after a late night but I later managed to run 5k at the gym in 16:30 and came away unscathed! I think my improved performance is down to weight loss, significant cardio work at the gym and improved strength in my core, hips and glutes as a result of my physio for the knee.

So there you go people – get down the gym and keep away from the pies – and enjoy your obsession with running 🙂