Sid Back in Germany

Ed: Brief report from Sid who meets other vegan runner:

Bremen Germany Sunday October 2nd, main event the Bremen Marathon, opted for the 10k.
Left hotel just North of Hamburg 4:30am, three trains to get to Bremen on time for start. As the start was only divided
by under and over 55mins, decided to make sure i was near the front, wearing the Vegan vest, i was tappped
on shoulder just before the off and given a smiling thumbs up by another runner who shortly into the race
passed me, at which point i noted he had Vegan Läufer (runner) on his shorts, i not on best form, was unable to keep
up with him for long and finished outside of 42mins. However finishing 38th and 70th in a field of over 1,000 runners not bad.

The other runner Robert Klichowicz, had moved recently to Bremen from Berlin and knew the guys who got sent the Vegan Runners vests there (picture of them wearing vests in blog archive).

Bremen 10k Sunday Oct 2nd
Robert Klichowicz 38th 39mins 52secs Vet 35 3rd
Sidney DeLara 70th 42mins 17secs Vet 55 4th.