Rutland Water Marathon, 7 Nov

Paul Snell runs his first marathon and being a novice at the distance was understandably wondering if he had done enough training when he met me at the West Midlands Vegan Festival a week earlier. Describing to me his training program, it appeared that he was well prepared and had tapered well. Paul describes the outcome:

I have run 4:43:27 (334th) for Rutland water marathon. The course was very very beautiful and with only 650 competitors it might make a good target race for vegans!
I felt really good for the first ten miles, then I started to let out a bit more speed, without making too much effort, but by about mile 18 I started to feel very thirsty (water stations were far apart). I managed to get a drink at a water station later on, but by now it was all getting a lot harder. By mile 22 I was just hanging on and starting to walk a lot more. When I saw my boss from work catching up with me at mile 23, I just had to try to keep up. We ran together for about a mile or so, then he just faded a bit and I hung on to the finish! 26 miles is a long long way! Very proud of myself – I did great!

Looking on the results website we were also represented by

Diane Wynne 4.05.29, 187th, 18th FV40+
Karina O’Neill 5.31.42, 427th