RRRRrunnnnnnnig a lot (Lakeland 100: 3rd lady: who might this be?)

You may have been wondering what Anna has been up to. How quiet it seems! Where are all the marathon reports etc? Is she well?
Anyway, she got in touch yesterday…

 I’ve mostly been doing the usual stuff – marathons most weekends. Just did the Lakeland 100 last weekend which was amazing. My blog about it is pretty long (at annakatfinn.blogspot.com) but the short version is that is was very tough, took me 36:57:15, I got third place solo female and my feet and legs are already feeling ok (I did a nice 10 mile recovery run this morning).
[Ed – many congratulations to Anna, and I would recommend the following blog posts of hers which catch us up with her most recent marathons… 30 milers… 100 milers (hilly)…]

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