Race report: That's Lyth, 31 January, 23.5 miles LDWA event

We hear from Ian Hodge who has been back to “proper” miles!

Since my unfortunate accident during the Long Mynd in October I’d been
gradually building up the miles doing boring road running, but this was
to be my first foray into the hills. Waking in the morning to snow on
the roofs opposite it didn’t look to good, but off I set on my bike to a
friend’s house who was kindly giving me a lift to Kendal for the event.
On the way up the M6 the snow came and went, but by the south Lakes it
had cleared and a bright, if not chilly day promised.

The first part of the route was a bit of a slog, up hill (isn’t it
always?) but soon the field stretched out and I was able to relax and
plod along on the firm frozen ground. Initially heading west towards
Crosthwaite, the route then turned south to take in Whitbarrow Scar and
the small village of Town End. From there it was north east, around the
southern end of Farrer’s Allotment. After that is was across the
unavoidable flat (very flat) Lyth valley, then back to Kendal over
Heslington Barrows.

Things went okay, and I surprised myself with being able to keep an even
pace. Downhill was a bit more flaky. My right thighs were not used to
the work and the leg felt a bit uncertain at times, slowing my progress
and on occasion holding people up. This event seems to attract a fair few
runners, but we were all accommodated with good grace.
I often look like I’m walking in photos Ian, so who can really draw the line…? – Ed