Putting a Tick Against X Country Running – guesting With the Kent Fitness League.

Two events this weekend[18-19 Feb] Whitstable Parkrun on Saturday [left], ran even slower than usual;25:24, 38/94, 2/8 men 55-59 and Rough Common XC on Sunday.

I was kindly invited to guest at The Kent Fitness League event by one of the Whitstable Parkrun organizers.The run took place through Blean Woods near Canterbury and it was my second go at a X Country event,my first being my first ever public event,Chilham 5 in 1989.

It was a cold morning, the small pond I passed on the way to the event had frozen over again and rainfall the previous evening had ensured a good traditional XC course!

The event was one of a series of XC events held around Kent for Kent running clubs,although guests could of course be invited to participate.

The course was 5.1 miles and was very muddy,I saw a couple of people fall over and I nearly slipped myself once. It was also very narrow in parts, necessitating single file running some of the time, thus making overtaking difficult.

I was given a time of 45:55, 296th out of 375 finishers.

Best Wishes, Keith Gilbert.