Punchbowl LWDA marathon 30 miles – Frances H

Frances Humphries has been putting all of us (except Anna!) to shame, distance-wise…
(I did the) Punchbowl Marathon on Sunday: this is an LDWA event which I walked with my husband we took 8hrs 32mins to get round a 30 mile course following a route description. It was a wonderful day, glorious sunshine most of the time, crunchy snow, cold muddy puddles (these resembled small lakes in some places), and a lot of not so nice black ice –  the check points are always a bit depressing for Vegans but I had taken the precaution of carrying some home-made flap jack and scones, yummy!  

The highlights included a lost pair of gloves (very expensive they were too), a twisted ankle, a short detour after mis-reading the instructions, a very wet behind after a slide in the mud and about six pints of hot strong tea.  Needless to say we had a great time. 
Felt OK about it until reading Anna’s results, didn’t she do well! Congratulations to her and good luck with her future projects.