Zipped hoodie – green, grey or black


Zipped hoodie – green, grey or black


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Zipped hooded sweatshirt with pockets, with ‘ VEGAN RUNNERS’ text in white writing.

Available in S/M/L/XL in green, black or grey. Youth XL size available in black.

We have been phasing out the older black and grey stock in favour of organic, the remaining non-organic stock in these colours is no on offer at a sale price. Green zippies remain non-organic. The pricing structure is shown below, please note the make of the zippies varies.

  • Organic black or grey £33.00
  • Non-organic green £25.00
  • Non-organic green junior £20.00
  • Non-organic black or grey – SALE £25.00
  • Non-organic black junior – SALE £20.00
Soft lining.
2 front pockets.