Press Release : Vegan Runner sets 4 new Welsh Ultra Running Records

Press Release : Vegan Runner sets 4 new Welsh Ultra Running Records

On Sunday 16th April 2023 Gareth Prichard won the 24 hour track event at Crawley completing 160.262 miles (257.9 kms) in 23:57:59.   This improved on his previous track PB of 246.9 km.


Gareth set 4 new Welsh records in this single event.   These are longest distance within 12 hours and 24 hours; the fastest times for 100 miles and 200k.

Gareth expressed his delight at the achievement and gratitude to his support team lead by his partner Catherine and his trainer Anna Seeley (both of whom are also a Vegan Runners).  Gareth commented that his Welsh speaking father from north Wales and a life-long runner would be proud of his achievement.

In 2019 Gareth competed for the second time in the Leeds Endure 24 event- but this time as a Vegan, winning with 135 miles and breaking the course record.

In 2021 Gareth won the Hardmoors 160 Mile with a significant one hour and forty-two minute lead – an achievement which was featured in the Vegan Runners UK’ September 2021 publication.

Some fellow competitors and spectators at Crawley were heard expressing surprise and wondering if the vegan diet was an advantage.  With outstanding ultra running achievements by plant based runner Damian Hall and vegan Scott Jurek and the mounting evidence of plant based nutrition presented in the documentary film Game Changers at the very least there is no disadvantaged being 100% plant powered.  A broad range of successful vegan athletes are portrayed on the Great Vegan Athletes website.