Porthkerry 5 miles, multi-terrain

Helen reports from the weekends event:
It was a bright sky but a bitterly cold wind on Sunday for the Porthkerry 5 miles.  This is a small, local race put on by one of the local running clubs and it is a tough but interesting run.
Held in the grounds of Porthkerry Park, South Wales it challenges runners with a variety of terrain. 
There was a good crowd of about 150 runners there, mostly club runners from around the South Wales area and we were eager to get going to warm up!  We set of for the first 1/2 a mile along the grass, before turning to run right along the coast on tarmac path and then into the forest with the first climb of the day.  This is a really steep climb for about 200meters, where you have to hot-step over tree roots and rocks while passing other runners is near impossible.  At the top you skirt a small field before running through a caravan park and onto the main road passing the perimeter fence of Cardiff Airport.  Shortly after, there is a sharp right, with a much needed long downhill, although the ground is road, there is a lot of potholes and loose gravel so it is difficult to really let go.  Under the viaduct and back to the start area, we continued on through to reach the second (and thankfully last!) climb of the day at about 3miles.  This is another one, which seemed steeper than the previous one, again lots of tree roots to avoid and I found it quicker to walk up rather than try to run.  Once at the summit, it was through a couple of fields before another (shorter, this time) downhill and then heading back to the start area.  I find this such an enjoyable race (once it’s over!), there is great scenery, and I love the variety of terrain as it keeps you on your toes!
PBs again for Team David – Helen finishing 4th in her age category in 39.38 and Cédric finishing 28th out of 168 finishers.