Picture of the month.

Picture of the month.

The guy on the right is a club member who goes by the intriguing handle ‘Pope Adrian IV’.  Can you guess who’s the guy on the left – (first clue – he runs and borrowed the hat from our member for the pose)?

The moustache is another clue.  Still not there.  OK, your third and final clue is ‘118’!

David Bedford was the world 10,000-meter record holder back in 1973.  He also held the British 3,000m steeplechase and the 5,000m records.  Today he’s the Chairman of the IAAF Road Running Commission which he took on in 2012 after retiring from race directorship of the London Marathon.

Sadly, David isn’t a vegan, but it seems he’ll do almost anything to sell raffle tickets for his local non-league football club.

Pope Adrian IV was having a busy day of metropolitan encounters which later included punk Charlie Harper of UK Subs and others. (Facebook post).