Vegan Runner shows a clean pair of heels – and wheels – to set a new world record

A Lancashire mum showed a clean pair of heels – and wheels – to set a new world record.

Joey Armitage, from Brinscall, near Chorley, is confident she has achieved the best-ever time for a run by a female pushing a buggy after covering 10 kilometres in 42 minutes and 37 seconds at an event in Preston.

The 34-year-old mum of two took part in Wesham Road Runners’ Summer 10K at Lea Town for her world record attempt, and smashed the previous best, set by Canadian Allison Tan seven years ago, by some 30 seconds.

She is awaiting official confirmation from the Guinness World Records organisation after submitting all the necessary evidence and documentation but is delighted to have achieved her objective – with two and half year old son Arthur along for the ride.

Joey, who works as a clinical psychologist at Lancaster University, said: “I was so pleased to break the record time.

“I have been running for years but since the children came along much of that has been while pushing a buggy, which seemed more straightforward than always trying to find child care while I wanted to go for a run.

“I regularly take part in the Preston Park Run with a double buggy and Arthur and his sister Elma, who is three and a half, love coming along.

“I saw on social media that there was a world record for running with a buggy so thought i would give it a go.

“The World Record rules say the attempt has to take part within certain race guidelines and the Wesham 10K fitted the bill. Thanks to everyone there for giving me the chance to take part and set the record.”

Steve Gore, Wesham Road Runners’ race director, said: “Joey contacted me a week or so before the race explaining that she was attempting an official Guinness World Record for the fastest 10K pushing a pram (female).

“I said she was more than welcome to enter our race and we arranged to run a reccy of the course so that she could get a feel of it.

“Congratulations to her on a great achievement.”

Well done and congratulations from everyone at Vegan Runners !!!