Parkrun report 6th of May 2023

Parkrun report 6th of May 2023

The ‘reign’ didn’t stop Vegan Runners from attending parkruns in droves this week with excellent numbers again. 729 getting scanned is the 5th week in a row we’ve had over 700 finishers. We also had VRs repping at 359 different parkruns which is a new record, our previous best was 352. We’re getting so close to being at 50%, as there were 751 UK parkruns this Coronation weekend. 170 VRs got their fastest time of 2023 this week.

Meetups this week were held at Ashton Court – where 20 of you rocked the green and black and Caro Line was first lady to finish in 20:20 – great running. 16 VRs went to Irchester Country for their parkrun, including Gary Sherin and Peter Simpson, both of whom do so much for our Vegan Runners’ club. 14 VRs met at Alice Holt parkrun and Philips Park parkrun hosted 13 VRs this week. Sizewell parkrun saw a sizeable punnet of nine VRs, as did Forest Rec, where again Catherine Charlton was first lady to complete the course in 21:52. Eight VRs repped at Worcester Pitchcroft and Great Lines, whilst Hastings and Hove Promenade parkrun saw seven VRs. Many other VRs congregated at over 364 locations, proving what a sociable and friendly group Vegan Runners are.

There were also meetups abroad, with seven VRs getting together at Ekebergsletta’s 33rd parkrun where Nathann Thornton came 11th.

Top speedies this week were Gareth Pritchard (16:59) Philip Nind (17:09), Matt Edmonds (17:29) and Ciar Nixon (17:59) for men, all coming first. Caroline McAleese (20:20), Naomi Sutton (20:48), Lesley Connors (20:50) and Nina Wozmirska (21:48) were the fastest first female runners this week. Congratulations!
Top age graded kudos goes to Paul Millsom (81.54%), Andrew Millis (78.79%) and Geraldine Larham (78.22%).

The average time for all Vegan Runners this week was a sub 30 of 00:29:33.

On the noughtie step this Coronation weekend we had twelve speedy runners – CGSOs to Mo Warrillow (27:00), Hannah Jones (29:00), Michelle Flower (32:00), Simon Fitzmaurice (21:00), Jemma Banks (38:00), Natalie Faye Pringle (27:00), Daniel Wilson (24:00), Aleksandra Wielgopolanin (32:00), Theresa Frappell (35:00), Martin Leake (26:00), David Baker (34:00), and Monte De Luca (30:00).

Thirteen of you bagged a finish token with a multiple of 50: Emma Warren, Kevin Doherty and Trevor Lambert. Ray OS came 100th. Other multiples of 50 this week were Craig Robert Barstow, Karin Glöckle, Hannah Rushton, Matt Salisbury, Lisa Lisa Rose Jepson, Vinny Brown, Zoe Williams, Patrick Morris and Jo Foulkes.

Repdigit Reps this week were by Benjamin Smith, Laura Pettitt, August Frew (11th positions), Reece O’Kane and Laurence Baldwin finished in 22nd place, Paul Bennett, William Alexander Goodliffe, Jack Cooper and Alison Gillies were 33rd, Saffy and Carl Mowatt 44th, Caitlin Barry and Greg Turner 55th, Andrew Nortrop and Mike Rogers 66th, David Goddard, Loz Anderson and Russell Walker 77th, Chris Webb, Lauren D’Arcy, Dan Perry and Luke McKay were 88th, Joanne Egerton, Dave Mandy, Julie Oxenforth, Joanna McKenzie were 99th and in 111st positions were Dawn Carr and Chris Dixon. Finally, Corrina Barton was 222nd.

Milestones this week for Andy Birnie and Kyle Martyn-Clark (50th). Gareth Pritchard, Gary Farquharson, Heath List and Rachel Billinghurst ran their 100th parkrun. Mark Cox, Matthew Symonds and Michelle Ranson ran their 150th and Maria Pali ran her 250th event – well done! And, last but not least, congratulations to Andy Jardinier on an amazing 500th parkrun! I believe your 500th is coming up soon too, Mike Harper? Let us know where you’ll be and I’m sure you’ll be joined by many!

Have a good week everyone and don’t forget to look out for next Saturday’s parkrun poll on Wednesday

Thanks and credit to Michelle Flower for this week’s photo from the Philips parkrun VR meetup