Parkrun report 29th of April 2023

Parkrun report 29th of April 2023

Welcome to my first ever Vegan Runners’ parkrun report – and it’s absolutely brilliant to start by announcing that we have a new record, the total number of Vegan Runners parkrun members is now up to 4,853. Another record is that 809 Vegan Runners took part in the last parkrun of April 2023, either running or volunteering.

Our top speedy man this week was Philip Nind who ran at Pontefract in 16:36. Top speedy lady was Mimi Connolly who ran at Hove Prom parkrun in 18:39.

Vegan Runners are such a friendly social club and there were lots of VR meetups including Lydney (23), Southampton (20), Exeter Riverside (17), Felixstowe (16), Hove Prom (13), Swansea Bay (13), Holyrood (11), Worcester (11), Eastville (9), Hastings (7), Alvaston Derby (6), Kettering (6), Bicester (5) and Yarborough Leisure Center (5). Why don’t you organise a vegan runners meetup at your local parkrun for next week? CGSO guaranteed!

Congratulations to these Vegan Runners who all came in first place at their parkruns:

Richard Davis, Philip Nind, Matthew Rhodes, Pawel Pasko, Khan Nothnagel, Andy Gardner.

First females this week in parkruns across the UK were:

Clare Meraz, Catherine Charlton, Abigail Cardwell, Kelly Joanne Knight, Elly Maggs, Lin Lascelles, Claire Evans, Geraldine Larham, Katie Louise Wright, Naomi Sutton – brilliant times, well done. I bet you had some questions about diet and athletic performance. Hopefully we have some new recruits to Vegan Runners pending as a result.

CGSOs too for proving that plant based diets are the best fuel for health and fitness, these Vegan Runners came top in their age grades this week: Clive Buck, Geraldine Larham, Catherine Charlton and Paul Millsom – fabulous repping! You’ve made it so obvious that a vegan diet is beneficial in every way.

Milestones this week for Katryna Gibson (25), Ian Smith (100), Tanya Barnes (100), Ian Humble (150), Jamie Kinghorn (150), Peter Deacon (150), Colin Armstrong (350) and Katherine Harris (350)

On the much coveted noughtie step this week we have:

19:00 Gareth Thomas and Paul Butler
20:00 Harry Pannell
21:00 Nick Leigh
23:00 Anthony Holder and Caroline Nicholas-Thomas
25:00 Diane Strickland
30:00 Emma Bartlett
31:00 Emily Mortimer
32:00 Christine Ramsey-Wade
34:00 Louise Galvin
38:00 Jenny Chakravarty
48:00 Stefanie Spangenberg
57:00 Wendy Hammond

The first ever CGSOs also go to those of you getting a barcode with the lucky multiple of 50 on it this week! Charlotte Skipper, Heather Travis, Rhona Sturgeon, Rosie Brown, Caroline Lait, Cara Baker, Nigel Hunt, Jasmine Green, Jen Haywood, Steven Liddle, Kieran Child, Matty Phillips, Michelle Baxter Wickham, Bernard O’Connor, Daisy Wilson and Hayley Akins

Repdigit repping from:

11th: Martin Lascelles, Mike Gibbs, John Taylor, Chris Lait
22nd: Simon Hedges, Kevin Morris, Elizabeth Czaban
33rd: Marc Cattrall, Rufus Flack
44th: Olivia Deacon, Andy Begent
55th: Chris Dixon, Richie Carman, Jenny Mitcham
66th: Alan Burgess, Bill Hill
77th: Colin Armstrong, Lysanne Broomfield
88th: Serena O’Connor, Janos Miklos, Julia Saunders, Corrina Barton, Damian Luscombe
99th: Barry Davis, Sonia Fielder-Pine, Angie Ridge, Dave Sowerby-Williams, Jim McAlwane
111th: Carla Brain, Kay Cottrell
444th: Nicola Gosling

Parkruns wouldn’t exist without our brilliant volunteers. Thank you to everyone who volunteered this week and CGSOs to all of you – I can’t get your data so please send me your names next week and I’ll give you a shout out xx

If I’ve not tagged you or tagged you incorrectly I’m really sorry – do let me know – and if I’ve missed anyone out let me know, too.

Finally a massive thank you to Mike Harper and Gary Sherin – I couldn’t have done this without their help and support – Mike knows you all by name and your average times! Gary is an actual magician with enviable programming skills – how he gets the data and stats is genius. Ok Over and Out, hope my first report was ok and not too much of a disappointment after the amazing Mike. Lots of love. Keep running and repping the Green & Black!

Photo from Lydney parkrun meetup courtesy of Daniella Smith