Parkrun report 18th of June 2023

Parkrun report 18th of June 2023

The heat abated for most of the country on this third parkrun of June and conditions were near perfect. 808 Vegan Runners attended 347 parkrun events repping at 347 locations and 744 of you grabbed a finish token.

Meet ups were held at:

Mallards Pike: 30
Brueton & Hunstanton Promenade: 16
Central parkrun, Plymouth: 8
Preston Park, Brighton, Clare Castle & Worthing: 7
Southampton, Worcester Pitchcroft, Eastville, Gadebridge & Lee-on-the-Solent: 6

Thanks to Tracy Norris for this week’s photo from Mallards Pike.

Top five gender positions for the men this week go to:

Elliot Hind 15:48 fabulous & a new PB – age grading of 83.44%
Jake Stephens 17:32
Michael Slack 17:39
Matthew Du Cros 17:39
Andrew Worster 18:40

And top five gender positions for women this week go to:

Mimi Connolly 18:17 an incredible time and a new PB! Age grading 81.04%
Caroline McAleese 19:25
Kelsey Wiberley 19:26
Clare Meraz 19:59
Lesley Connors 20:55

Plant power! 🌱 🌿 ☘️ 🍀

This week’s top age graded performances at each event were:

Andrew Millis at Hunstanton Promenade 79.57%
Caroline Mcaleese at Mallards Pike 82.58%
Darren Francis at Eden Project 82.86%
Elliot Hind at Milton Keynes 83.44%


Average finish time for all VRs was a cool sub 30 this week at 29:54 💚🖤


And on the Noughty Step this week! We have:

Brit Peacock 21:00
Marti Spence 23:00
Dan Coughlan 25:00
Lisa Knights 26:00
Gareth Snaith 26:00
Neil Timms 27:00
Peter Simpson 30:00
Sonia Ng 30:00
Debra Porter 30:00
Adrian Pope 30:00
Kerry May 31:00
Katrina Harling 32:00
Hilary Cockshaw 33:00
Katie Wythe 42:00



These VR finishers bagged a token with a multiple of 50:

Charlotte Barton 50
Nancy Manifold 50
Toby Shewring 50
Jack Pelling 50
Sean O’Connor 50
Benjamin Carpendale 50
Ady Clarke 50
Jeff Simmons 50
Sandra Domizio 100
Lisa Knights 150
Lesley Quinn 200
Gary Jarvis 200
Madison Hart 350
Nicholas Wood 400
Amy Budgen 450
Jenny Chakravarty 450


Repdigit repping this week from the fabulous:

Rob Wishart 11th
Callum Barltrop 11th
Richard Thompson 11th
Andrew Aldridge 11th
Susan Waller-Toyne 22nd
Abigail Jordan 22nd
Joe Wachniuk 22nd
Mark Pocock 22nd
Jack Gaughan 22nd
Amy Casson 33rd
Tikara Nothnagel 33rd
David Stephens-Mikesch 33rd
Ross Cook 44th
Helen Jenkins 55th
Sue Wheeler 55th
Hannah Clynch 55th
Karl Marsh 55th
Phil Royle 55th
Mike Lloyd 55th
Jay Parnham 66th
Faye Pollinger 66th
Maya Luscombe 66th
Cat Evans 66th
Victor Sanchez 66th
Steven Walsh 66th
Sheryl Carty 77th
Katy Wilson 77th
Jerry Barnes 77th
Peter Fitzgerald 77th
Gary Beeston 77th
Heather Jupp 88th
Penny Humble 88th
Wendy Hammond 333rd
Alma Botes 333rd

And last but not least, a fantastic milestone this week for:


Benjamin Carpendale 50th parkrun
Lana Sarey El-Din, who completed her 100th volunteer role this week, well done! 🎉🎊🎈

Apologies for any milestones and other amazing achievements that I’ve missed but well done to absolutely all of you repping and proving that veganism is a healthy, kind and responsible way to live. Have a great week everyone and remember to watch out for Mike’s poll! 🌱 🌿 ☘️ 🍀