Paris Marathon – Anna Finn

Anna Finn has returned from the Paris Marathon…
I’ve just got back from Paris, where we had a fantastic 4 days. I really love Paris! The weather was sunny most of the time and it made a lovely relaxing start to the 2 week holiday from college. The marathon was great – I normally prefer the smaller events, but it was fun to run with so many others and there was a great atmosphere. There was even wine handed out at mile 23 by the organisers of the Beaujolais marathon! I took it at a relaxed pace and really enjoyed the day, taking in all the sights (including the Louvre, Bastille, Notre Dame, River Seine, Eiffel Tower and two parks). 
Back to reality with a thud as I had a dentist appointment this morning – a filling, a root canal and a wisdom tooth pulled out all in one session! And I’ve got to go back for more next week. Still, I’ve got a little 40 mile run to take my mind off my teeth on Saturday…
(Compton Downland Challenge 40 – Ed)
Anyway, I’ve attached a Paris pic of me with the Arc de Triomphe in the background (the start was on the Champs Elysees, the finish on Avenue Foch just the other side of the Arc)