Orpington Mara*fun, S.E. London, 14/5/11

Ed: Report from Sophie Ashdown Coady at a fundraising event that included distances: Marathon, half-marathon, 10K and shorter events. Sophie & Cherryl were entered for the marathon.

It was a good day for the run as it wasn’t too hot or sunny. The course was interesting with varying terrain including crossing roads and waiting for traffic lights, plus some challenging hills.

Cherryl and I met up at the beginning and ended up running most of the first
17 miles together which was really nice. Eventually our paces changed and we ran separately. ….

I really enjoyed the race and finished in 4:35:47, so I feel somewhat redeemed after not really getting to do the London marathon properly because of my husband’s injury.

I’m now looking at other marathons to do this year!