Only a little bit lost in Sevenoaks

We hear from Anna Finn, who we trust is avoiding potholes, small children on bicycles, keyboards, handrails, doorknobs, computer mice, and basically anything touched by another person ever… and the furniture…. as she is sooo close!
My 100th marathon is approaching fast, with number 96 completed at the Sevenoaks Circular on Sunday. It was great to meet fellow vegan participant, Frances, before we set off.

It was an LDWA event (so following 4 pages of instructions about crossing stiles, following field edges and going through kissing gates – “X st, follow LHFE, thru KG” etc) of 30 miles, though getting a bit lost made it just over 31. Actually I was very fortunate as I hadn’t realised I was lost until some people ahead of me got even more lost and approached from behind… they soon got us all back on the right route.

There were plenty of folk I knew there, mostly from the 100 club. The marhalls at the checkpoints were great and even made me a marmite and jam sandwich (it tasted fantastic, though I’m not sure if I’d fancy one when I haven’t just run 25 miles). It was all off road and there were some pretty bits, especially in Knole Park where I ran with some deer for a brief while and almost felt like part of their herd.

I got a certificate and a patch at the finish (plus some welcome beans on toast). Another lovely day out then. My legs were a bit achy on Monday and Tuesday, but I made them do 10 miles each day anyway as part of my 10 in 10 training. It was very nice to have a lie-in this morning.